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I am looking for a studio to join!
Clarissa Wegner

2D Game Art Generalist

with hands-on experience in game development

As a graduate of the Cologne Game Lab, I have extensive experience in the development of games. Each semester I created a game together with my co-students over the span of 6 to 8 weeks across different genres. My roles varied each project but usually centered around any role that required 2D art, such as character design, background art, and UI. Apart from that I lead teams as a project manager and art departments as the lead position, communicating between different specializations and making sure that the vision for the game is followed through successfully from start to finish. I like to make sure everyone is on the same page and knows exactly what is going on in and outside the game engine.

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Creating Games is an adventure in itself

Creating immersive experiences for players is a playground for any artist to go above and beyond just the visual and understand their art in a much broader context. This is what initially drove me to pursue game development and that intention has only solidified more as I broadened my artistic horizon and dabbled with game engines, 3D software, and more. I am always excited to dive into new endeavors and try out tools and software that allow for more variety in creative expression. All the while working together with equally passionate and motivated game developers. Go team!

I am currently looking for a studio to join!

Your team needs support from a 2D Game Artist?

After graduating from the Cologne Game Lab last year and working freelance in between, I am now looking for a team of passionate game developers to join and work together permanently.

Feel free to explore my page a little and check out my portfolio and previous experiences.

Key Skills

2D Graphic Software

Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects

Clip Studio Paint, Spine 2D

3D Software

Autodesk Maya, zBrush, Blender

Substance Painter

Game Engines

Unity Engine

Unreal Engine 4

Office Software

Trello, Slack, Hack 'n Plan


Microsoft Office, Google Workspace, Miro

Soft Skills

Project Management, Teaching, Communication & Collaboration, Self-Organization

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