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Voice operated Game Collection


Join our main character in small games that make you strain your vocal cords to the max! In Air Time, you will have to jump from platform to platform and collect notes by telling your character to jump or simply yell at her as loudly as you can. Blaster is a shooter which reacts to the pitch of your screams. Color picker needs a little brain work and Daaark is a labyrinth in the dark where our main character has to escape paparazzi without being noticed.

All you need to play is a working microphone, this game collection and your beautiful voice.


The process behind it

This started as an experimental approach to our semester project and resulted in some of the most fun games we have created. From platformer, to shooter, word game and a labyrinth - these games are all played by screaming or talking into your microphone. We developed these games in a small team of four during the span of six weeks at the initial stages of the pandemic. That means that all of the development happened at our homes, including the playtests.

Our neighbors hate us for that, I'm sure.

Nevertheless, this project was intended to be experimental and not aimed at success. With delight I can say that we definitely exceeded our own expectations and managed to face our struggles head on.

As the sole artist on this team, I was responsible for the graphics of at least four games that would go through a lot of trial and error and might have to be adjusted on very short notice. I knew I had to create a simple visual design and assets that could be produced quickly and efficiently. My inspiration for the form language were simple mobile games that lean heavily on abstract shapes. In order to separate our games from that abstraction and really incorporate the idea of music and sound into the visuals, I was inspired by album covers of 70s funk music which is colorful, bright and experimental in its own regard. A perfect fit.

Behind the Scenes

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