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Small Steps

A Serious Game for your Browser!

Sustainability research, but fun.

Follow Nova - and Nova - during their semester abroad and help them make their stay more sustainable by listening in on other people's conversations, sorting out trash and going shopping on beBay! Finding more environmentally friendly alternatives can be intimidating but at least they won't be alone in this.


Need background information? 

My roles: Art Lead, Backgrounds, UI, Storyboards

Since this game started as our final semester project, we had about 6 weeks from the first pitch to the first prototype. Our group consisted of seven highly motivated Game Development students from the Cologne Game Lab and we had the opportunity to develop this game in correspondence with a client. After our initial vertical slice, the client was to decide whether or not they wanted to work with us and they gave us the go for further development!

As one of two artists, I like to put heavy focus on working together very closely. As such, we developed the visual identity for this game together in brainstorms and mood boards, always in correspondence with the rest of the team as well. I find it very important to oversee the levels inside the engine, in this case the Unity Engine, so that I can assure visual accuracy and quality. As such, I tend to be in close communication with designers and programmers which enables me to act as an Art Lead, directing the detailed development of all art and assuring that the vision of the game stays accurate to the designers' intentions.

Behind the scenes

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