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Welten der Werkstoffe

Winner of Best Serious Game at the DCP 2021

University courses and tests have never been this fun! Like, ever.

I was able to join the development of this game in its last stages as an intern. Out of a total of ten levels, I tinkered on three of them, adjusted some elements of the other levels and created the intro scene. My favorite is the ninth level - visually an homage to early Gameboy games and entirely in pixel art! Good luck getting so far in the game.


What did I learn from my internship with this project?

I joined this project in the fall of 2020. At the height of covid.

It was a difficult time and I was isolated at home alone. When I got the opportunity to work on this project, I was unsure how it would go and what my work there would look like. However, I was more than pleasantly surprised by just how much fun serious games can be. This was mostly thanks to the amazing and dedicated team, so I want to use this little space here to truly thank everyone I had the pleasure to work with on this game!

You gave my 2020 a spark of joy.

The position I filled inside the team was that of a generalist 2D artist. Before I joined, there were several other artists that had all contributed to this project in their own ways respectively with each of them having unique workflows from which I was able to learn a ton. It was quite difficult at first but I am grateful to have faced these challenges. Mainly, I worked on backgrounds and other assets, as well as some motion graphics for the intro to the game. The first week or two consisted of decorating level seven and giving it its own unique character. Levels eight to ten were much more of a blank space and allowed me to truly give them my own spin. It was a nice change being able to really polish a game, rather than trying to work with tight deadlines. The half-year I spent working on this was a true eye-opener and I am glad to have been there to celebrate the night of the Deutscher Computerspielpreis!

Behind the scenes

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